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Welcome to the web presence of the " For HIS Name" radio program. "For His Name" can be heard every Sunday at 9:00am, on KDRY radio, am 1100. This archive gives you immediate access to the entire library of programs from your computer anytime. Just click on the arrow in the center of the little scroll to unroll the list of programs...

Our radio program is called "For His Name" because we strongly believe that the Father's Name, Yahweh, should be spoken. Yahweh commanded His Name to be spoken regularly:

  • Num 6:22, "And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, (Moses) saying,"
  • Num 6:23, "Speak to Aharon (Aaron) and his sons, saying, 'This is how you bless the children of Yisraĕl.
    Say to them'":
  • Num 6:24, "יהוה (Yahweh) bless you and guard you;"
  • Num 6:25, "יהוה (Yahweh) make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you;"
  • Num 6:26, "יהוה (Yahweh) lift up His face upon you, and give you peace."
  • Num 6:27, "Thus they shall put My Name on the children of Yisraĕl, and I Myself shall bless them."
  • Aaron was commanded to speak the Name Yahweh in a prayer for blessing in the Old Testament. Because Yahweh has not rescinded His command, are we still commanded, as Priests, to bless in His Name today? I think we are. Here are new Testament things Messiah Yahshua told each of us about knowing and speaking the Name:

  • John 17:6 "I (Yahshua) have revealed Your Name to the men whom You gave Me out of the world. They were Yours, and You gave them to Me, and they have guarded Your Word."
  • John 17:11 "And I am (Yahshua) no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Set-apart Father, guard them in Your Name which You have given Me, so that they might be one,"
  • The discerning mind will ask the important question :
    Did Yahshua ever plainly speak the Name, Yahweh? Surprisingly the answer is yes!
    Yes, in some translations:

  • Mat 4:7, "יהושע (Yahshua) said to him, 'It has also been written,
    You shall not try יהוה (Yahweh) your Elohim."
  • Note, Yahshua was clearly quoting the old testament when he said this. That was one example from a translation called The Scriptures 1998+ from the Institute for Scripture Research. There are also other translations that print the Name Yahweh...

    Some have questioned this particular translation's choice to include HIS NAME, but then, the question must be raised :
    Do we believe that Yahshua would have accurately quoted the Old Testament, or do we believe HE changed the word of YHVH to intentionally hide HIS father's true name from us?

    Our prayer is to You, Yahweh our Father, through Messiah Yahshua, who came in Your Name to cleanse a people in His Own Perfect Blood, for Your Glory. Praise You for Your Spirit, Who teaches us of Yahshua so we can follow Him. Praise to You for the many brothers and sisters who walk with us through this world. We are Your people, forever, for Your Glory, in the Name of Yahshua, Messiah, Amen.

    On a personal note, I hope you enjoy hearing "For His Name" and that the hearing of His Word blesses you and your family so much you call to say keep the faith! Always in Yahshua Messiah, Esther Lee Ackley, wife of Ralph Ackley, who directs all programming Mike and Maritza Schwab, who maintain and monitor the For His Name website

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